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Wow!! What an fun filled day shopping wi
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Client Testimonial- Jess 
I don't think words can describe how amazing my experience with Stacey was. From the moment we had our first phone call I felt like she just got me. I did the full consultation, wardrobe clean out and shop, and just wow. Stacey is professional, fun and really knows her stuff. She was never judgemental at all throughout the process and she was always really honest in her opinions. During the shop she made sure to check in to see how I was going and made the whole process really fun (which is not how I would ever describe a previous shopping experience!)

If you are thinking about working with a personal stylist, do it! I've thought about it for so long and now that I've done it I wish I hadn't waited so long.

Stacey, thank you! You are truly amazing

Client Testimonial-Michelle
I can not thank Stacey enough! Stacey has given me a wardrobe I am excited about and love.
The first time I met Stacey, for my consult, I felt comfortable and confident that Stacey understood what I was needing for my wardrobe. We then completed my wardrobe refresh. Stacey was open and honest about my style and the clothes I had and what to keep etc. We were able to identify the gaps in my wardrobe and document a shopping list (it was a long one!). Stacey did an amazing job for our shopping day. I loved everything she picked for me and we were able to find all the key pieces we were looking for and needed to complete my wardrobe.
I had so much fun on our shopping day, I don’t think I have ever spent that much time shopping before! Stacey has helped me enjoy shopping and understand what to look for when purchasing clothes (I may have been back shopping since!)

Thank you Stacey, I am so happy and grateful for everything and am so excited to wear all my new pieces!

Client testimonial- Maria
After moving from the U.K five years ago, I have struggled with knowing where to shop and with finding clothes I like. This turned my dislike of clothes shopping to absolute dread so I turned to Stacey-Lee. I’m early 30s and try my best to dress well. This was 6 months ago now and in short, my experience was so good I’ve just booked in again for my Winter Shop but this time I’ve gone for even more and booked the premium package. I really had no clue what to expect but Stacey had actually done the shopping before I arrived (the part I hate!) and arranged rails of hand-picked clothes to be waiting in the changing rooms of around 5 shops.
Stacey had literally ticked off everything that I asked for, despite my list feeling really long. I even saved a few hundred dollars using Staceys stylist discount she gets in one of the shops and the fact that she had trawled through the sale rail to find the perfect leather jacket I had asked for which was over $100 off. It really was great value for money when this was taken into account.
I’m really looking forward to a lifetime of a beautiful wardrobe, without any of the hard work now that I have met Stacey.

Client Testimonial- Susie
For a while I had been stuck in my attempt at any kind of fashion, and felt a little flat any time I was out with friends or even on school pickup. So as I approached my 40th I decided to bite the bullet, and I was so glad I did.
I reluctantly sent an email and was put at ease as soon as the reply came. I was worried how I would feel in this process but she made me feel special, beautiful and entirely comfortable in her company. Which helps when trying on clothes in front of who at first meeting is a stranger.
The shopping trip was entirely set to my budget, and I was never under pressure to buy anything I didn’t want to. Thankfully after having already gone through and thrown out so much in my old wardrobe, I was extremely excited to be given the confidence she gave me to shop to my hearts content AND to know when I next venture out I can find nice things to suit me, suit my style and not be afraid to enter any shop as I do.Thank you for the most magical experience of my life, wish I had done this sooner.

Client Testimonial- Mel
Stacey helped me with my wardrobe refresh and personal shop. I had an absolute blast! I have always struggled pulling together a casual wardrobe that I felt comfortable in, and also needed an outfit for an upcoming wedding, finding such an outfit was making me anxious. Stacey was lovely, and I instantly felt comfortable working with her. She was able to quickly work out the gaps in my wardrobe, and we pulled together a list of needs and wants for our shopping trip. Our shopping trip was heaps of fun, I have never spent that much time shopping before without walking away either 'over it' or completely overwhelmed and deflated. Stacey has helped me pull together what I think is a fabulous, and incredibly versatile wardrobe. She also helped me find a dress for an upcoming wedding, and I cannot wait to wear it! I am excited about getting to pick out my outfits each day! Thank you so much, I finally feel confident in my style.

Client Testimonial- Tash
As a busy working mum of two boys (2 & 4), I don't have a great deal of time for clothes shopping. When I do find myself at Westfield's or similar, it's always with my two boys in toe and we're shopping for them, not me. In saying that, shopping for myself isn't exactly my favourite activity anyway. Since having babies "my body shape has changed" (must squeeze in more gym time!), so I was mainly buying clothes online, guessing my size and hoping it would look ok. Most of the time, I found I ordered the wrong size, the colour wasn't right and I'd be stuck with store credit... if I ever had time to post back the return.

My lovely friends obviously had enough of my whingeing and for my birthday, got me a voucher for Stacey-Lee's Personal Shop and Style session. I was a little apprehensive at first but I needn't have worried. Shopping with Stacey-Lee was so much fun! Stacey you truly are an exceptional human. Your ability to made me feel comfortable and instantly relaxed was amazing. I didn't expect to laugh as much as we did (especially on such a busy day!). I'm still so happy with all of my purchases, and I still can't believe you found me jeans in the first shop, the first pair I tried on! To be able to walk into a store with a rack of clothes waiting for me to try them on was amazing. Without you I could not have revamped my entire wardrobe for the first time in 5 years, so thank you again! I can't recommend you enough

Client Testimonial - Leanne
My Personal Shop and Style session with Stacey was amazing!! I've always struggled with fashion and knowing what clothes suit me and never enjoy shopping for myself, so decided I needed some help. Stacey was so calm and put me at ease straight away. Stacey knew exactly the type of style I was wanting and I loved all the pieces of clothing she suggested for me. I ended up with a whole new summer wardrobe that I absolutely love! Shopping with Stacey was an incredible experience and better than I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend Stacey for anyone who is looking for assistance with their wardrobe and style!!

Client Testimonial- Lyn
I contacted Stacey-Lee in a panic having to find outfits for 2 family weddings, I don't enjoy shopping for myself and always tend to go for the same old style. I really had no idea how our shopping day would go but I can honestly say Stacey-Lee immediately put me at ease ,had picked out outfits that I wouldn't normally choose and made the whole experience so much fun. I found 2 perfect outfits and she also showed me styles that I wouldn't think to try. I highly recommend Stacey-Lee, she makes shopping fun and gives you confidence to step outside your comfort zone.

Client Testimonial - Sarah 
Stacey and I met in late 2019. I contacted Stacey to ask her to help me clean out my wardrobe, identify new outfits from my existing wardrobe, identify missing pieces that would be useful additions to my collection, and to help me branch into new territories fashion wise! My ‘project’ was corporate related. I had the best time working with Stacey on this. Stacey is a gentle, thoughtful soul. She knows trends, shapes, sizes, colour matching, a wide range of brands and stores to suit any budget, and best of all she will help you feel confident, comfortable and fabulous in your own skin. Post wardrobe cleanse, we also had a very successful shopping trip! Fast forward to today, and we are in a very different world. This said, I am sure Stacey could do a wardrobe makeover by FaceTime or Zoom just as effectively. So, if you are finding you have some time on your hands, and you are largely remaining at home, why not consider a wardrobe makeover? I would definitely do it again and would consider engaging Stacey this way.

Client Testimonial- Caitlyn
I was blown away by the experience of my personal styling and shop with Stacey-Lee. I was a little anxious not knowing what to expect from a service like this. Stacey's warmth and friendliness immediately put me at ease. The process from start to finish surprised me and surpassed all expectations in its efficiency and ease. She nailed my styling brief and I had a heap of fun in the process.
I'll be recommending this service to all my friends looking for an awesome wardrobe refresh without the stress and heartache of figuring it all out on your own!

Client Testimonial -Christine Mitchelle
If you hate the thought of clothes shopping, don't know which shops to go to or don't know what suits you, then contact Stacey-Lee! My experience with Stacey was nothing but excellent. She had a great understanding of what I wanted and my style and was able to choose pieces that not only did I love, they fit my personality. While she pushes you out of your comfort zone in the best way possible, there is no pressure to try anything or purchase anything that you don't want. Stacey takes the stress out of shopping, having clothes ready for you when you walk in the door! I cannot recommend this more to any woman who wants a wardrobe makeover!

Client Testimonial - Jacqui
An amazing experience and wardrobe transformation. After years of wearing the same old style and colours, and a very boring wardrobe,
Stacey-Lee Personal Stylist revamped my wardrobe, arrange a personal shopping experience where I was treated as a VIP at all selected stores, and walked away with an incredible wardrobe, with practical items as well as evening/formal wear, and still had change 😁. I feel amazing in my new outfits, which I'm able to mix and match enabling me to have multiple choices. Thank you for this life changing experience, so grateful.

Client Testimonials 

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